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Our application is now live. Be prepared with proof of home ownership like a property tax bill and the bid/estimate from the contractor you've chosen to use. You will be able to come back to the application to update it. Deadline is May 26. Thank you!

Here is the contact information for two contractors we vetted. Homeowners can choose to obtain proposals from or use any contractors as long as they submit and meet qualifications for this work as outlined on the application form.

We can NOT provide reimbursements. If you want funding, you MUST follow our process. (We wish we could but rules and regulations prevent us from being able to offer reimbursements.)

I Turned in My Application, Now What?


We’ll be updating homeowners on the status of funding from the state in mid-June. If we have funding in the bank at that time, we’ll let homeowners know how much funding they are eligible for. The SOONEST work can begin is mid-August, but that is dependent on when we receive money from the state. Work cannot begin until we can pay contractors in a timely manner.

We can NOT provide reimbursements. Please follow our process to be eligible for funding.

Click here for some FAQs. 

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